Goal:The thesis is to present the ability of graduate students to analyze and solve problems in reality by applying theories, knowledge and approaches of engineering management and related disciplines.

Topic Selection:Students should carefully choose one topic that is closely related to the practices of project management and complete the thesis under the guidance of supervisors. After gaining at least half of the course credits, with the approval of the MEM Education Center and the Department of Industrial Engineering, qualified students are encouraged to intern at relevant enterprises for 4-6 months or even longer while working on their theses.[1]

Form:The thesis can be in the form of an engineering management project design, a thematic study or a case study report.

Timeline:It normally takes one year for students to complete the thesis. At the beginning of the 3rdsemester, students are required to submit thesis proposal. The MEM Education Center will then at the beginning of the 4thsemester organize an expert review panel for thesis evaluation.

[1] Enterprise internship met the following conditions can be selected as the topic of a thesis: (1) the enterprise al-lows students to use the relevant data; (2) after evaluation, the internship is considered to be of research value by the MEM center and the Department of Industrial Engineering; (3) the supervisors are willing to instruct students to complete the thesis through the enterprise internship.