At present, Tsinghua University mainly provides the following scholarships for outstanding prospective full-time international graduate students.

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship (CGS): The Full CGS usually covers tuition, stipend, on-campus accommodation (or accommodation subsidy), and medical insurance. The Partial CGS includes one or a few items in the Full CGS. Annual Review is strictly required for all CGS holders.

(2) Tuition Scholarship: For example, the Beijing Government Scholarship for international Students, covers full or partial tuition fee with a duration of one academic year. Applicants may apply for Tuition Scholarships annually(competitive).

For further information about scholarships, please refer to Scholarships for Prospective Full-time International Graduate Students at Tsinghua University.

In addition, in order to support those excellent prospective IMEM students who do not get the CGS scholarship or other scholarship/support, the MEM Education Center provides 3 levels of Tsinghua MEM Scholarship covering tuition fees and/or different quota of living allowance support with a duration of one academic year and can be applied year by year.